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Revision of the genus Ganguilus Navas (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae) with descriptions of three new species

Michel B., Mansell M.. 2010. Zootaxa (2386) : p. 1-24.

The genus Ganguilus Navás, 1912 is revised. Ganguilus pallescens Navás, G. oblitus (Navás) (comb. n.), G. flavipennis (Navás) (comb. n.), G. pulchellus (Banks) (comb. n.) and G. imperator (Navás) (comb. n.) are redescribed. Three new species, G. veniae sp. n., G. indicus sp. n. and G. rex sp. n. are described. Ganguilus flavipennis stat. n. and G. oblitus stat. n., formerly synonymized with G. pallescens, are reinstated as valid taxa, while G. insignis (Navás) and an unidentified species are mentioned as incertae sedis. A key to the species is provided.

Mots-clés : neuroptera; myrmeleontidae

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