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Rapport de mission à Mulhouse pour le projet CFC/ICAC/33. Activité D.2.2 analyse de la variabilité intra-balle des caractéristiques technologiques des fibres de coton. Du 15 au 18 décembre 2009

Gourlot J.P., Payet L., Aboe M.. 2009. Montpellier : CIRAD, 30 p..

After four weeks of data analysis in Montpellier, Modeste ABOE presented his summary of the first year experiments in front of a scientific committee of the Doctorate School in Mulhouse. The work of Modeste ABOE was very much appreciated by all members of this committee as stated in the attached report. As a summary: - Five countries (West Africa) were sampled in place of eight (in addition to Central Africa) due to the early end of the 2008-2009 season; - 8900 samples were tested in RTC West along with 1300 reference materials; - After being trained to statistical analysis, Modeste ABOE explored his gathered data with the support of Eric GOZE; - All objectives set to Modeste ABOE were achieved; - As a consequence, sampling will be continued in 2010 with some slight modifications in the experiments (see slides in annex 1) - The overall output of the PhD, which was to propose one set of operating methods for a proper fiber characterization during fiber classification, becomes a proper evaluation of the within-bale variability (additionally between bales) of the fiber characteristics which could lead to a proposition of a set of operating methods for eight countries (West and Central Africa) if achievable. - The committee encouraged Modeste ABOE to include a specific chapter about the economical impact of using an instrument classification in cotton trading in his PhD document.

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