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Rapport de mission au Bénin pour le projet CFC/ICAC/33. Activité D.2.2. Analyse de la variabilité intra-balle des caractéristiques technologiques des fibres de coton. Du 25 janvier au 1 février 2010

Gourlot J.P., Aboe M.. 2010. Montpellier : CIRAD, 9 p..

This mission was designed to support Modeste ABOE in his PhD preparation. After meeting cotton sector members, we saw how to get an automatic update of a Word file (the PhD document or any publication) with Endnote bibliography references. We organized the periodic saving of the gathered information and data to an external drive (paid by CIRAD). We also got another look to the gathered data, especially the latest one which was obtained in the `retest' procedure. Indeed, around 200 samples were taken out of the almost 9000 samples collected by Modeste ABOE for a retest in CIRAD. This data analysis will lead to various consequences in the overall PhD organization. Next meeting is planned in June 2010.

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