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2nd field visit. ATMA, SIGSIG/Ecuador, mission report : geo-tracability for fairtrade, seventh framework programme

Peroni G., Dufour D.. 2010. Bruxelles : CEE, 39 p..

The mission has permitted the visit of two towns, Cuenca and Sigsig, which are the principal production sites of Panama hats in Ecuador. Other important location of Panama hat production in Ecuador are around Montecristi and Jipijapa villages (on the western coastal zone of Manabi Province). During the mission, ATMA association, one of selected local partners in the GeoFairTrade project, has actively participated in the collection of geo-localisation data, supporting the two experts (Dominique Dufour and Guido Peroni) in the collection of GPS points in the different settlements around Sigsig where live all the women producing the hats associated to ATMA (150 members). Seven rural settlements have been visited and various GCPs collected (including ground photos) for the major points of interest (generally, nearby a local church). The main responsibles of ATMA association have also helped in the understanding and retrieval of traceability data and in the selection of suitable SDI indicators during different meetings held with the experts during the four days of the mission (three days in Sigsig).To be noticed that during our stay in Sigsig, the village and surrounding rural settlements have been celebrating their most important festivity in the year (San Sebastian). Although ATMA members were also actively participating to such important event, this has not prevented them to continuously collaborate with the experts in order to fulfil the mission objectives.

Mots-clés : produit alimentaire; provenance; commercialisation; Équateur; commerce équitable

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