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Antigen delivery systems for veterinary vaccine development Viral-vector based delivery systems

Brun A., Albina E., Barret T., Chapman D.A.G., Czub M., Dixon L.K., Keil G.M., Klonjkowski B., Le Potier M.F., Libeau G., Ortego J., Richardson J., Takamatsu H.H.. 2008. Vaccine, 26 (51) : p. 6508-6528.

The recent advances in molecular genetics, pathogenesis and immunology have provided an optimal framework for developing novel approaches in the rational design of vaccines effective against viral epizootic diseases. This paper reviews most of the viral-vector based antigen delivery systems (ADSs) recently developed for vaccine testing in veterinary species, including attenuated virus and DNA and RNA viral vectors. Besides their usefulness in vaccinology, these ADSs constitute invaluable tools to researchers for understanding the nature of protective responses in different species, opening the possibility of modulating or potentiating relevant immune mechanisms involved in protection. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : baculoviridae; adenoviridae; flavivirus; retroviridae; paramyxoviridae; rhabdoviridae; coronavirus; alphavirus; bunyaviridae; poxviridae; herpesviridae; virose; adn; arn; vecteur de maladie; vecteur génétique; vaccin vivant; vaccin; virus des animaux; médecine vétérinaire; Épidémiologie; vaccination

Thématique : Sciences et hygiène vétérinaires - Considérations générales; Maladies des animaux

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