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Saro (Cinnamosma fragans Baillon) essential oil: Application in health and medicine

Behra O., Danthu P., Sarter S., Radaniela R., Fourcade C., Randrianarivelo R., Ranaivosoa B., Arnal-Schnebelen B.. 2009. In : Juliani H. Rodolfo (ed.), Simon James E. (ed.), Ho Chi-Tang (ed.). African natural plant products: new discoveries and challenges in chemistry and quality. Washington : ACS, p. 485-494. (ACS Symposium Series, 1021).

DOI: 10.1021/bk-2009-1021.ch026

The richness of medicinal plants of the island Madagascar is unique in the world and has largely been understudied. Saro, Cinnamosma fragrans, is produced from a Madagascan plant which is locally well-known for its antimicrobial activities and also for its powerful anti-poisoning effects. While searching for local strategies to enhance the value of this renewable natural resources for the benefit of local populations and biodiversity conservation this plant appeared as a very promising candidate with an essential oil that could be used in many new ways. This paper presents research on the plants essential oil composition including the variation found across environments where the plant is endemic as well as the results of associated biological tests conducted on the essential oils¿ toxicity, skin and eye tolerance and on mutagenesis potential. The properties of the Saro essential oil have been tested and show very interesting results as an antibacterial and antiviral agent and as a health protection enhancer.

Mots-clés : magnoliaceae; huile essentielle; madagascar; cinnamosma fragans

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