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Formation and growth mechanisms of imogolite-like aluminogermanate nanotubes

Levard C., Rose J., Thill A., Masion A., Doelsch E., Maillet P., Spalla O., Olivi L., Cognigni A., Ziarelli F., Bottero J.Y.. 2010. Chemistry of Materials, 22 (8) : p. 2466-2473.

The growth mechanisms of imogolite-like aluminogermanate nanotubes have been examined at various stages of their formation. The accurate determination of the nucleation stage was examined using a combination of local- (XAS at the Ge-Kedge and 27AlNMR) and semilocal scale technique (in situ SAXS). For the first time, a model is proposed for the precursors of the nanotubular structure and consist in rooftile-shaped particles, up to 5 nm in size, with ca. 26% of Ge vacancies and varying curvatures. These precursors assemble to form short nanotubes/nanorings observed during the aging process. The final products are most probably obtained by an edge-edge assembly of these short nanotube segments. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : structure chimique; nanotube

Thématique : Autres thèmes; Traitement des déchets agricoles

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