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Preliminary results of a network of trials related to sugarcane nutrition in Reunion Island

Fillols E., Marion D., Chabalier P., Payet O.. 2010. In : ISSCT. ISSCT 2010: 27th Congress of the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Congres, Veracruz, Mexique, 7-11 mars 2010. s.l. : s.n., 9 p.. ISSCT Congress. 27, 2010-03-07/2010-03-11, Veracruz (Mexique).

IN REUNION ISLAND, sugarcane is grown under highly contrasting climatic conditions, from the sea level to the highlands (up to 1000 m altitude), with very different soil types. Taking this diversity into account, a network of agronomic trials was implemented in 2005 on grower farms across the island. Four main fertilisation or amelioration techniques were tested: i) reduction of soil acidity using mill ash compared to liming materials, Mag lime and Physiolith; ii) sustainable nutrient management based on soil analysis, iii) effect of a slow release fertiliser-polymer-coated granular urea and iv) effect of splitting nitrogen application. In each trial, the traditional grower practices were used as control. Outcomes of the trials included: correction of soil acidity using mill ash with a sugar yield 10 to 23% higher than the control; a better sugar yield per ha using sustainable nutrient management (in one of two trials); a sugar yield loss using a reduced rate (-30%) of polymer-coated granular urea; a positive impact on ratoon yield when nitrogen application was split into two events. Such a network of trials should facilitate a faster adoption of research recommendations by the growers as it allows a direct exchange of information between sugarcane farmers and agronomists and addresses growers' issues.

Mots-clés : saccharum officinarum; réunion; france

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