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Banana (a report)

Loeillet D.. 2010. Fruitrop (English ed.) (177) : p. 17-58.

The 2009 banana year was one of transition in every way. On the market, the CentraI American supply deficit resulted in a fall in consumption of between 6 and 12% in the main import zones. The end of the year was marked by supply returning normal and a very distinct worsening of the situation. At the negotiating table, the Geneva agreement of 15 December 2009 and the probable agreements with the free trade zones (Andean Pact, CACM and Mercosur) mark the beginning of the final dismantling of the common market organisation of banana, with a customs tariff of EUR75 per tonne in 2020 at the latest. The most fragile producers can only beg for extra cash within the framework of support programmes. We really do seem to have returned to square one this time.

Mots-clés : musa; banane; pays de l'union européenne; france; antilles françaises; suriname; côte d'ivoire; espagne

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