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Viajes de la quinoa en Chile

Jara Valdivia P.R., Hocdé H.. 2009. Revista Geográfica de Valparaíso (42) : p. 8-19.

The paper relates, grosso modo, the work of a pioneering and tireless promoter of the quínoa in the regions at the south of Santiago of Chile in the twenty four last years, Pablo Jara. The first part synthesizes its different facets: development, collector of native germplasm, diffuser of seeds, buyer of grains and processor of grains for the desaponification. In the second part, with its own words, this defender of the quínoa details and emphasizes some central aspects of its work in all these years. The article does not intend to be limited to a simple exercise of homage to a pioneer, "to be given kisses in public", but, at the same time, rescues historic information that can be useful at the moment of explaining some phenomena that are observed nowadays.

Mots-clés : chenopodium quinoa; chili

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