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La quinoa como parte de los sistemas agricolas en Chile: 3 regiones y 3 sistemas

Bécares D.A., Bazile D.. 2009. Revista Geográfica de Valparaíso (42) : p. 61-72.

The quinoa, native plant from the Andes, already grown millenniums ago, is still being cultivated in three different areas in Chile, even if it's not largely consumed at a national level. Its conservation reveals its rich biodiversity, as the quinoa landraces can be suitable for very different environments, even the extreme ones. The upholding of these landraces has allowed the adaptation of the quinoa to the local cropping systems. In this article we will focus on the present circumstances of the quinoa production in the three actual cropping zones in Chile in order to identify the landraces management practices undertaken by farmers.

Mots-clés : chenopodium quinoa; chili

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