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El futuro de la quinoa en Chile: Diversidad logicas y escenarios de evolucion y sus consecuencias sobre la biodiversidad y la dinamica de los territorios

Hocdé H., Chia E., Martinez E.A., Delatorre J.. 2009. Revista Geográfica de Valparaíso (42) : p. 124-141.

Unlike of - but complementing with- the articles in this issue that review the biodiversity of Quinua in Chile from the current situation or the lessons of the past, this communication examines the biodiversity of this crop by exploring different likely future avenues. We use the tool of the scenarios, based on the development of future projections based on assumptions. Taking into account exogenous forces that do structure biodiversity (for export market and/or for domestic market) and endogenous forces (affirmation of cultural identity, heritage values or specific local attributes) in the three main production regions of quinua in Chile. We outline eight possible stages. We note that each and every one of them evokes emerging tensions and conflicts between various logic circuits: market, territorial affinities and identity. The management of these tensions is part of the challenges facing the promoters of the identified scenarios. Each one has implications for the evolution and biodiversity management of quinua and thus leads to readjustments or re-orientations required in future research activities and promotion of this crop.

Mots-clés : développement régional; chenopodium quinoa; chili; développement territorial

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