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Biochemical and sensory quality of Physalis (Physalis pubescens L.) juice

El Sheikha A., Zaki M., Bakr A., El Habashy M., Montet D.. 2010. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 34 (3) : p. 541-555.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1745-4549.2009.00382.x

Ground cherry (Physalis pubescens L.) is one of the most promising exotic fruits and some interesting functional products could be developed from these berries. The fresh juice was yellowish or orangey and had a light, sweet taste with acidic nature (pH 3.5). The titratable acidity was 1.43, polyphenols 76.6 mg/100 mL and vitamin C 38.8 mg/100 mL. Physalis juice was rich in carotenoids (70 mg/mL). The juice had a high level in minerals such as phosphorus (578 mg/100 mL), potassium (1,196 mg/100 mL), zinc (2.4 mg/ 100 mL) and boron (1 mg/100 mL). The essential amino acids in the juice such as isoleucine, valine and tryptophan (42.97, 39.92 and 39.83 mg/100 mL) were higher than those recommended by Food and Agriculture Organization/ World Health Organization/United Nations Union (FAO/WHO/UNU).

Mots-clés : physalis; jus de fruits; Égypte; physalis pubescens

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