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Scaling up local perceptions of poverty to country level: A proof of concept for rural Honduras

Leclerc G.. 2010. Poverty and Public Policy, 2 (2) : p. 103-143.

This work is about bringing together different perceptions of poverty to improve the design of poverty alleviation policies. A case study in Honduras shows how locally derived poverty indicators, developed from village-level participatory appraisals of perceptions of poverty, can be extrapolated to country level using raw census data. The "well-being index," an average of several indicators, is robust and reflects actual local perceptions with 90% accuracy at village level. Because the index includes information that corresponds to the real-life situation of the poor, I suggest that policymakers consider building and using such bottom-up indicators. This implies a shift from economic to critical thinking that would lead to policies that are more easily adopted and monitored locally. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : pauvreté; honduras

Thématique : Sociologie rurale; Économie et politique du développement; Économie et politique agricoles

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