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European banana market : competitiveness and diversification on the ACP support plan menu

Loeillet D.. 2010. Fruitrop (English ed.) (178) : p. 12-13.

Ten ACP countries that ship bananas to the European Union should benefit from the third support plan set up by the EU since 1994. Three of the sources are in Africa and seven in Caribbean. The BAM (Banana Accompanying Measures) are to cover the period 20102013 with funding of EUR 190 million. It takes over from the SFA (Special Framework of Assistance) that ran until the end of 2008. The objectives have never changed, whatever the plan: competitiveness in the banana export sector and diversification. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : banane; afrique; caraïbes; pays de l'union européenne

Thématique : Commerce international

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