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Diversity of fruit origin by using 26S rDNA fingerprinting of yeast communities by PCR-DGGE: An application to Shea tree fruits

El Sheikha A., Bouvet J.M., Montet D.. 2010. In : 17th World Congress of the International Commission of Agriculture Engineering (CIGR). Symposium on Nanotechnologies Applied to Biosystems Engineering and the Environment, 13-17 June 2010, Quebec City, Canada. s.l. : s.n., 2 p.. World Congress of CIGR "Sustainable Biosystems through Engineering". 17, 2010-06-13/2010-06-17, Québec (Canada).

The economic importance of Shea tree fruits has been rising and achieving a great success in African, American, European markets. In Europe, Shea butter is used mainly (95%) by the chocolate industry. The quantities exported to Japan, the United States or Switzerland would be mainly used for cosmetic or pharmacological (FAOSTAT, 2007). The traceability of fruits is only documentary. In case of doubt or fraud, no standardized analysis makes it possible to trace back the origin of the fruit. The aim of this study is to use a new tool of tracing the products (PCR-DGGE) as a molecular technique to analyse in a unique step all the yeasts present on the fruit to create the linkage between yeast communities and the geographical origin.

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