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Tsetse flies, trypanosomes, humans and animals: what is proteomics revealing about their crosstalks?

Holzmuller P., Grébaut P., Cuny G., Biron D.G.. 2010. Expert Review of Proteomics, 7 (1) : p. 113-126.

Human and animal African trypanosomoses, or sleeping sickness and Nagana, are neglected vector-borne parasitic diseases caused by protozoa belonging to the Trypanosoma genus. Advances in proteomics offer new tools to better understand host-vector-parasite crosstalks occurring during the complex parasitic developmental cycle, and to determine the outcome of both transmission and infection. In this review, we summarize proteomics studies performed on African trypanosomes and on the interactions with their vector and mammalian hosts. We discuss the contributions and pitfalls of using diverse proteomics tools, and argue about the interest of pathogenoproteomics, both to generate advances in basic research on the best knowledge and understanding of host-vector-pathogen interactions, and to lead to the concrete development of new tools to improve diagnosis and treatment management of trypanosomoses in the near future. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : génie génétique; protéine; expression des gènes; relation hôte pathogène; genre humain; mammifère; vecteur de maladie; glossina; trypanosoma; protéomique

Thématique : Organismes nuisibles des animaux; Maladies des animaux; Méthodes de recherche

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