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Does the opportunity cost approach indicate the real cost of REDD+ ? Rights and realities of paying for REDD+

Gregersen H., El Lakany H., Karsenty A., White A.. 2010. Washington : Rights and resources initiative, 23 p..

The focus of this paper is that thecontextual issues influencing the adequacy and appropriateness of opportunity cost as a proxy for payments required to get successful REDD+ can be major ones in most tropical developing countries; and resolving them can be expensive and timeconsuming.

Mots-clés : politique forestière; forêt tropicale; déboisement; politique de l'environnement; pauvreté; pays en développement; financement; législation; communauté rurale; revenu; Économie forestière; Économie agricole; développement rural intégré; ressource forestière; utilisation des terres; approches participatives; asie; amérique du sud; brésil; amérique centrale; costa rica; afrique centrale; cameroun; législation forestière; déforestation; service environnemental

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