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Fruit markets in Eastern Europe : close-up

Montange B.. 2010. Fruitrop (English ed.) (180) : p. 21-42.

In 2004, many international operators thought that the addition of eight Eastern European countries to the European Union and the resulting improved standard of living would trigger the rapid growth of imported fresh fruit markets. It is clear in 2010 that the trend for fruit imports to increase has been much weaker than forecast. FruiTrop examines the causes of this lack of dynamism and the factors that slow imports in Eastern Europe. Contents p. 22 - The fruit markets in Eastern Europe: an Eldorado that has not come up to expectations... yet p. 31 - Market sheet: Baltic p. 32 - Market sheet: Belarus p. 33 - Market sheet: Bulgaria p. 34 - Market sheet: Croatia p. 35 - Market sheet: Hungary p. 36 - Market sheet: Poland p. 37 - Market sheet: Czech Rep. p. 38 - Market sheet: Romania p. 39 - Market sheet: Russia p. 40 - Market sheet: Slovakia p. 41 - Market sheet: Slovenia p. 42 - Market sheet: Ukrain (Résumé d'auteur).

Mots-clés : fruits tropicaux; fruits tempérés; fruits; europe orientale

Thématique : Commerce international; Economie de la consommation

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