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More genomic resources for less-studied crops

Varshney R.K., Glaszmann J.C., Leung H., Ribaut J.M.. 2010. Trends in Biotechnology, 28 (9) : p. 452-460.

Many of the crop species considered to be minor on a global scale, yet are important locally for food security in the developing world, have remained less-studied crops. Recent years have witnessed the development of largescale genomic and genetic resources, including simple sequence repeat, single nucleotide polymorphism and diversity array technology markers, expressed sequence tags or transcript reads, bacterial artificial chromosome libraries, genetic and physical maps, and genetic stocks with rich genetic diversity, such as core reference sets and introgression lines in these crops. These resources have the potential to accelerate gene discovery and initiate molecular breeding in these crops, thereby enhancing crop productivity to ensure food security in developing countries. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : amélioration des plantes; sécurité alimentaire; plante de culture

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes

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