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Effect of preharvest and postharvest application of calcium on banana green-life

Tixier P., Bugaud C., Duguet R., Salmon F.. 2010. Fruits, 65 (4) : p. 201-208.

DOI: 10.1051/fruits/2010016

Introduction. Fruit green-life is a major postharvest attribute on which conservation on commodity chains depends. For climacteric fruits such as banana, green-life must be optimized to fit the transport and market requirements. Calcium was assumed to strengthen cellular tissue and increase the green-life of fruits. Materials and methods .In our study, we tested the effect of preharvest and postharvest calcium applications on attributes of banana fruit for two cultivars ( Musa spp., AAA group, cv. Cavendish Grande Naine and Flhorban920 cultivar, AAA group). Results and discussion. Extra calcium in fertilization of Flhorban920 cv. did not significantly affect the green-life of fruits (36 days) or the hardness and thickness of the Flhorban920 cv. skin (63.7 N and 3.94 mm, respectively). The field calcium applications, by fertilization or spraying, did not alter pulp or peel chemical composition. For postharvest treatments, the green-life of Cavendish and Flhorban920 banana was not significantly altered by the presence or absence of calcium, or by the type of application, 45 and 26 days for the Cavendish and Flhorban920 cultivars, respectively.

Mots-clés : banane; musa (bananes); aptitude à la conservation; traitement avant récolte; lutte après récolte; calcium; trempage; pulvérisation; fertilisation; martinique; france; fruit climactérique

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