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Spatial ecology of Cosmopolites sordilus in banana field landscape

Vinatier F., Duyck P.F., Mollot G., Tixier P.. 2010. In : eds. John Holland, Walter Rossing, Wopke vand der Werf, Andrew Ferguson, Claire Lavigne. Landscape management for functional biodiversity. Proceedings of the Meeting, Cambridge, 22 June - 1 July, 2010. s.l. : IOBC, p. 139-142. (IOBC wprs Bulletin, 56). Meeting on Landscape Management for Functional Biodiversity, 2010-06-22/2010-07-01, Cambridge (Royaume-Uni).

We applied a comprehensive approach to understanding the spatial epidemiology of Cosmopolites sordidus in banana fields and to design of landscape strategies in order to minimize population levels and spread. We integrated different levels of complexity, from individual traits to the whole population, from the field to the landscape scale. To tackle this complexity, we linked experimental measures, statistical analysis and modelling tools. The originality of the approach lies in the iterative use of these different methods, usually applied separately.

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