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Valorizaçâo dos produtos de origem e do patrimônio dos territórios rurais no sul do Brasil: contribuição para o desenvolvimento territorial sustentável

Cerdan C., Quiumento Velloso C., Vitrolles D., Lima da Silva A.. 2009. Política e Sociedade, 8 (14) : p. 277-299.

This article contributes an analysis of the way in which agents of rural development have elaborated and implemented mechanisms to place value on the local specificities within two states of Brazil's southern region. Within this context, consideration of biological and cultural diversity from a perspective of sustainable development imposes itself, whether directly or indirectly. We base our argument on two case studies of experiences that promote these mechanisms through placing emphasis on origins: i) beef produced in native pastures of Rio Grande do Sul and ii) Goethe wine, made in the Urussanga region of Santa Catarina. Both cases are considered illustrative of the current phase of evolution of debates dealing with the interface of geographic origins, protection of national heritage and sustainable rural development. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : provenance; vin; viande bovine; développement rural; développement régional; brésil; développement territorial; indication géographique

Thématique : Economie et politique du développement; Agro-industrie

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