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Direct sales suit producers and consumers' interests in Vietnam

Moustier P., Thi Tan Loc N.. 2010. In : Bonanno Alessandro (ed.), Bakker Hans (ed.), Jussaume Raymond (ed.), Kawamura Yoshio (ed.), Shucksmith Mark (ed.). From community to consumption: new and classical themes in rural sociological research. Bingley : Emerald, p. 185-197. (Research in rural sociology and development, 16).

Direct farmer-consumer relationships have been mostly described in the Western world. They are reviewed as efficient forms of resistance to global distribution chains, in particular as regards farmer incomes, consumer trust in product safety, and solidarity between farmers and consumers. Research was carried out in Vietnam to measure the importance of this type of sales in the vegetable sector and how farmers and consumers perceive it relative to other forms of supply. Consumer surveys and focus groups were conducted as well as inventories of vegetable retail point of sales and a case study of a farmer group based on in-depth interviews with group leaders. Consumers buying directly from farmers desire product freshness and the ability to receive specific information relative to product origin and safety. Farmers value direct retail sales because it enables higher incomes. Yet, only the wealthiest farmers have access to this type of sales as it requires renting their own outlet shops or market stalls. Direct farmer to consumer sales in Vietnam may be viewed as a first step toward an interpersonal food distribution system providing an alternative to faceless mass chain-market distribution. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : viet nam

Thématique : Economie de la consommation

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