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Organic amendments control banana plant-parasitic nematodes : effects of organic matter quality on nematode communities

Tabarant P., Dorel M., Risède J.M., Villenave C., Roger-Estrade J.. 2010. In : Wery Jacques (ed.), Shili-Touzi I. (ed.), Perrin A. (ed.). Proceedings of Agro 2010 : the XIth ESA Congress, August 29th - September 3rd, 2010, Montpellier, France. Montpellier : Agropolis international, p. 215-216. ESA Congress. 11, 2010-08-29/2010-09-03, Montpellier (France).

Plant-parasitic nematodes remain a major agronomic constraint for banana production. In conventional banana cropping system, frequent applications of nematicide are required to control these pests. To reduce detrimental effects on environment due to nematicide applications alternative methods for nematode control are studied. Organic amendments are known to suppress plant-parasitic nematodes [1]. Understanding the mechanisms involved in nematode suppression by organic amendment application is essential to improving this method and obtaining maximum control efficacy. The objectives of this study were i) to evaluate organic amendment efficiency on plant-parasitic nematode suppression, ii) to evaluate organic matter effects on the whole soil nematodes community and, iii) to understand the mechanisms of regulation generated by organic amendments.

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