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Côte d'Ivoire : [2008]

Losch B.. 2009. In : Mehler Andreas (ed.), Melber Henning (ed.), van Walraven Klass (ed.). Africa yearbook 2008 : politics, economy and society South of the Sahara. Leyde : Brill, p. 79-86. (Africa Yearbook, 5).

This was the third year in the long awaited presidential elections. Finally planned for 30 November, they never happened, stumbling again over the recurring and unresolved issues of disarmament and voter registration. According to opposition supporters, 'Radio Treichville' (street gossip) as well as international observers, the repeated postponements stemmed from Laurent Gbagbo's wish to stay in power indefi nitely. However, many others considered the stalemate benefi cial for all the actors in the six year crisis: not only the president, but also the leaders of the 'Forces Nouvelles' (FN), still in effect in charge of the north of the country and exploiting its resources and people; the ex-rebel soldiers and militiamen trying to avoid disarmament and using their guns for road-racketeering; and all those involved in the 'crisis business' (such as UN local employees, identifi cation and registration teams, representatives of and delegates to the many crisis committees, businessmen avoiding taxes by smuggling through the north, etc.).

Mots-clés : politique; côte d'ivoire

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