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Proceedings of the international workshop on cocoa breeding for farmers' needs, 15th - 17th October 2006, San José, Costa Rica

Eskes A. (ed.), Efron Y. (ed.), End M.J. (ed.), Bekele F.L. (ed.). 2009. Reading : INGENIC, 183 p.. International Workshop on Cocoa Breeding for Farmers¿ Needs. 5, 2006-10-15/2006-10-17, San José (Costa Rica).

The title of the Fifth INGENIC Workshop is "Cocoa Breeding for Farmers' Needs". The workshop topics are related to farmers' knowledge on their planting materials and criteria for selection of new varieties, identification and exploitation of genetic diversity in farmers' fields, and participatory selection of new varieties including on-farm trials. Most (approximately 90%) cocoa farmers are smallholders, receiving low income. Plantations suffer from destructive diseases and pests. Technologies to improve cocoa productivity are labour and capital intensive, and often physically difficult to be implemented by ageing farmers. The workshop papers will address the possibilities of how better varieties can improve farmers' livelihoods. We are glad that in association with the Fifth Workshop, the INGENIC Working Group on Molecular Biology has organised a day-long seminar on Sunday, October 15th. The objectives of the meeting were to provide a venue for technical presentations and to hold discussions on collaboration among the cacao molecular biology community and the future of a cacao genome project. The papers that were presented have been posted on the INGENIC web-site. For more information please contact Mark Guiltinan ( Since its creation in 1994, the mandate of INGENIC has not changed, i.e. firstly promotion of exchange of information and, secondly, enhancing collaborative approaches in the field of cocoa variety improvement and genetic research. INGENIC likes to consider itself as a platform linking cocoa geneticists as well as other interested persons. Currently, INGENIC's mailing list contains approximately 250 addresses. We are pleased to note the large audience that this Fifth INGENIC Workshop and the Second Meeting of the INGENIC Molecular Biology Working Group has attracted. INGENIC is grateful for the financial and other types of support received from many institutions including CRA Ltd (formerly BCCCA), CATIE, CIRAD, COPAL, CRIG, CRU, CTA, Bundesverband der Deutschen Susswarenindustrie (Germany), PennState University, Mars Inc., MCB, UESC, USDA and WCF

Mots-clés : theobroma cacao; afrique; amériques; asie

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Culture des plantes; Maladies des plantes; Méthodes de recherche

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