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A new experimental Continuous Fixed Bed Reactor to characterise wood char gasification

Van de Steene L., Tagutchou J.P., Mermoud F., Martin E., Salvador S.. 2010. Fuel, 89 (11) : p. 3320-3329.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2010.03.035

Two-stage fixed bed gasification is one of the most promising technologies for low and medium energy production from biomass. In industrial processes, control and optimisation is often based on constructor know-how rather than on an understanding of the mechanisms involved. We present a new original tool, the Continuous Fixed Bed Reactor (CFiBR), which was specifically designed and built to enable a fine understanding of the limiting stage of a gasifier: the char bed gasification zone. The reactor, the instrumentation, the operating procedure and set-up tests are described in detail. The potential of the reactor is demonstrated through the characterisation of the gasification of a continuous wood char bed. Temperature profiles and gas concentrations along the 65 cm bed were established and showed that the most reactive zone was the first 10 cm of the char bed. Accurate energy and mass balances provided relevant information regarding the contributions of the main reactions involved in the fixed char bed gasification process.

Mots-clés : charbon de bois; gazéification; biomasse; bioénergie

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