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Les besoins en information du secteur agronomique en Algérie : construction d'une offre évolutive dans un partenariat Nord/Sud

Issolah R., Deboin M.C., Foucher J.F.. 2010. In : IAALD ; Agropolis In. Scientific and technical information and rural development = Information scientifique et technique et développement rural : éclairages sur des pratiques innovantes : IAALD XIIIth World Congress, Montpellier, France, 26-29 april 2010. Montpellier : s.n., 7 p.. IAALD World Congress. 13, 2010-04-26/2010-04-29, Montpellier (France).

Ongoing innovation-oriented training and research activities have led to a wider range of user needs for information systems. The development of information and communication technologies has enabled increasingly sophisticated responses to needs for the building, management and dissemination of knowledge. In this changing context, Algerian research and higher education institutions have designed and developed an agricultural information system in the framework of sustainable Algerian-French cooperation projects. The originality of the study is its gradual needs-oriented and capacity building-based approach. We describe the methods used to create a network of training and agronomic research institutions to respond to these complex needs for information. Algerian scientific research -which involves many universities- can no longer be limited to providing access to scientific information, but must also include sharing resources and disseminating research results that promote innovation and development. The Digital Agronomy Library project aims to meet these needs while at the same time enhancing open access to scientific knowledge. In the framework of the 2008-2010 plan, the project is currently designing an Observatory of Algerian agricultural research which will result in a shared digital platform dedicated to promoting and disseminating scientific resources for agricultural and rural development in Algeria.

Mots-clés : système d'information; agronomie; recherche agronomique; partenariat; pays en développement; algérie; france

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