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Report on advanded training workshop on Strengthening Small Ruminants Producers Associations in Maghreb and Middle-East, Rabat (Morocco), 20-24 September 2010 ; Amman (Jordan), 25-28 October 2010

Faye B., Bengoumi M.. 2010. Montpellier : CIRAD-ES, 28 p.. Training Workshop on Strengthening Small Ruminant Producers Associations Maghreb and Middle-East, 2010-09-20/2010-10-28, Rabat (Maroc).

The training workshops on "strengthening small ruminant producers associations in the Maghreb and Middle-East" were supported by FAO and organized by CIRAD with the support of the Sheep and Goat National Association (ANOC, Morocco) and the FAO national office at Amman (Jordan). These workshops involved in Morocco, 7 participants from French speaking countries in Maghreb (Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) and 10 lecturers from FAO (Tunisia), CIRAD (Montpellier), GDS (France) and different institutions from Morocco (ANOC, IAV, Ministry of Agriculture). In Amman, 12 participants from Middle-East (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Oman and Yemen) and 3 lecturers from FAO (Tunis and Cairo) and CIRAD were involved. The workshops lasted for 5 days including conferences on the current situation of small ruminant livestock in the region, the public/private partnership for the development of small ruminants, introduction on implementation, management, monitoring and assessment of development project on small ruminants, technical advices for genetic, feeding, health management. Those conferences were culminated by round tables and exchanges on the national experiences, meetings and active discussions in order to propose recommendations for action by the FAO regional office for the Neat East.

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