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Mass transfer dynamics during the acidic marination of turkey meat

Goli T., Bohuon P., Ricci J., Trystram G., Collignan A.. 2011. Journal of Food Engineering, 104 (1) : p. 161-168.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2010.12.010

The mass transfers of water, acid and NaCl in turkey meat cubes (initial volume 1 cm3 during marination were evaluated at various molalities of acetic acid (0.0-1.0) and NaCl (0.0-1.5). An experimental design was drawn up, associated with an estimate of the velocities of each component by means of kinetic monitoring. High mass yields (mass gain >0.3 kg kg_1), obtained for the marinades most dilute in acid, were found only in the absence of NaCl. The presence of NaCl had a negative effect on mass yield, counterbalanced by the positive effect of acetic acid. In the case of acidic marinades with low salt concentration, high solute flux densities were observed upon the start of immersion, as well as solute transfer velocities greater than those in water. This phenomenon may be explained by the superimposition of material diffusion and transport phenomena caused by a fall in internal filtration pressure due to expansion of the protein matrix. The fall in the buffering capacity of the meat in the course of soaking, related to the leakage of proteins, dipeptides and lactates, may explain the low pH values obtained during immersion in comparison with theoretical data.

Mots-clés : viande de dinde; marinage; sel; acide acétique; transfert de masse; france

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