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Complementary source information cooperation within a decision system for crop monitoring

El Hajj M., Guillaume S., Bégué A.. 2009. In : Eds. J. P. Carvalho, D. Dubois, U. Proceedings of the Joint 2009 International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress and 2009 European Society of Fuzzy Logic and Technology Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, July 20-24, 2009 (IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009 Proceedings). s.l. : EUSFLAT, p. 1496-1501. IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009, 2009-07-20/2009-07-24, Lisbonne (Portugal).

Multi-source information fusion usually deals with redundant sources; the goal is to aggregate decisions, or evidence which supports one or another class. Many frameworks are then available: OWA, fuzzy integrals, etc. In this paper we are interested in managing complementary information sources. The integration is done using a fuzzy rule base. The rules are generated using a fuzzy decision tree algorithm. The application consists in the design of a crop harvest monitoring system. The three information sources are a time series of satellite images, a crop growth model and expert knowledge. The results show that the system is ready to use in an operational way.

Mots-clés : saccharum officinarum; réunion; france

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