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Eighteen SSR-primers for tetraploid Adansonia digitata and its relatives

Larsen A.S., Vaillant A., Verhaegen D., Kjaer E.D.. 2009. Conservation Genetics Resources, 1 (1) : p. 325-328.

DOI: 10.1007/s12686-009-9075-y

Co-dominant markers suitable for molecular ecological studies in the genus Adansonia are highly desirable in order to be able to address a number of interesting research questions related to the special life history traits, gene flow, and distribution dynamics of the Adansonia species. This note presents a set of 18 SSRprimers developed for Adansonia digitata, and tested for cross-amplification on all members of the Adansonia genus. All reported primers were found to amply loci with more than two alleles per locus in Adansonia digitata, reflecting its tretraploid nature. Segregation of alleles in open pollinated progenies from trees with four alleles per locus indicated polysomic inheritance for 14 of the 18 loci.

Mots-clés : adansonia; adansonia digitata; génétique des populations; marqueur génétique; burkina faso; ssr

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