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Detection of subclinical mastitis in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedaries) using somatic cell counts, california mastitis test and udder pathogen

Saleh S.K., Faye B.. 2011. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 23 (1) : p. 48-58.

A total of 120 quarter milk samples from 30 clinically healthy dromedary camel from Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia were cultured to detect subclinical udder infection. The milk samples were screened by somatic cell count (SCC) and California mastitis test (CMT). Gram-positive cocci were the dominant recovered udder pathogen. The mean value of SCC was 125,000 cells/ mm3. Infected quarter had generally higher mean values for SCC and CMT scores. Both SCC and CMT were of value in predicting the infection status of the udder.

Mots-clés : dromadaire; numération cellulaire somatique; bacteria; mammite; identification; technique analytique; arabie saoudite; camelus dromedarius

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