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The CAFNET/Coffee-Flux project: evaluating water, carbon and sediment Ecosystem Services in a coffee agroforestry watershed of Costa Rica

Roupsard O., Gomez Delgado F., Charbonnier F., Benegas L., Taugourdeau S., Kinoshita R., Moussa R., Dreyer E., Lacointe A., Rapidel B., Pérez A., Robelo A., Barquero A., Rivera Wilson C., Navarro M., Jourdan C., Le Maire G., Thaler P., Bonnefond J.M., Harmand J.M., Vaast P.. 2011. In : Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science; Bali, Indonesia, October 3-8, 2010. Paris : ASIC, p. 576-580. International Conference on Coffee Science. 23, 2010-10-03/2010-10-08, Bali (Indonésie).

"Coffee-Flux" is a sub-project of CAFNET (EuropAid/121998/C/G): "Connecting, enhancing and sustaining environmental services and market values of coffee agroforestry in Central America, East Africa and India". It was launched in December 2008 in Costa Rica by Cirad, CATIE, PCP and the Aquiares farm. The aim of Coffee-Flux is to assess the water, sediment and carbon Environmental Services (ES) at the scale of a coffee agroforestry coffee watershed. Experimentation, modelling and remote-sensing are combined. Coffee-Flux is a contributor to FLUXNET ( The platform is wide open to new projects, scientists and of course to students.

Mots-clés : coffea; agroforesterie; costa rica; service environnemental

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