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Multiple-use forest management in the tropics : between concept and reality

Sist P., Guariguata M., Nasi R., Sabogal C.. 2010. International Forestry Review, 12 (5) : p. 115-115. IUFRO World Congress. 23, 2010-08-23/2010-08-28, Séoul (Corée, république de).

Multiple-use forest management (MFM) is widely considered a prime objective within the sustainable forest management paradigm. Multiple-use forest management systems are certainly a promising and potential answer for how to better integrate and accommodate all stakeholders interests in the forestry sector and how to conciliate timber production with other products and services of the producing forests. Although the conceptual and practical underpinnings of MFM in the tropics were laid out more than a decade ago, forest management systems are still dominated by selective logging, while other forest goods and services such as non-timber forest products, hydrological regulation, and carbon sequestration are still poorly considered as potential sources of income in management practices. Based on three regional assessments of practical experiences in MFM in the Amazon basin, Congo basin, and Southeast Asia, this paper presents the main factors limiting or promoting the implementation of such multiple-use forest management systems in the tropics. This assessment allows us to propose and discuss the main research priorities actions to promote multiple-use forest management systems in tropical rainforests. (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : forêt tropicale; arbre à buts multiples; aménagement forestier; gestion des ressources naturelles; développement durable; foresterie; amazonie; congo; asie du sud-est

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