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Herramientas de la geografía para mejorar la conservación de la biodiversidad agrícola

Madrid D., Bazile D., Martinez E.A., Negrete Sepulveda J.. 2010. In : Geografia del Bicentenario, XXXI Congreso Nacional de Geografía y XVI Internacional de Geografía, 19-22 de octubre de 2010, Valdivia, Chile. s.l. : s.n., 6 p.. Congreso Nacional de Geografía. 31, 2010-10-19/2010-10-22, Valdivia (Chili).

One of the tools used in geography, they are the Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These are of help to realize diverse analyses in the territory with diverse elements, in our case, we used it to determine the distribution of the accessions in seed banks of the country, and how they represent the actual distribution of the agricultural biodiversity of our country. The representations realized with the SIG tools on the accessions realized along the country, and compared with field data, help us to better see how the agricultural conservation of species is distributed, and also it helps us to identify areas of the country where collections have not been done for an accession of a bank of seeds,a particular problem when some territories possess important species for conservation of agricultural agrobiodiversity. These representations in SIG demonstrate us when this diversity is misrepresented in a seed bank, and this must improve its collection the methodologies.

Mots-clés : chenopodium quinoa; conservation des ressources; système d'information géographique; semence; biodiversité; variation génétique; chili

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