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Innovation systems and support mechanisms

Pichot J.P., Faure G.. 2011. In : Devèze Jean-Claude (ed.). Challenges for African agriculture. Washington : World Bank, p. 132-152. (Africa Development Forum).

African agriculture is innovative by nature, as shown by its capacity to integrate many species foreign to the continent as a complement to traditional crops and for the purpose of diversification. Projects and mechanisms for "modernization" have attempted to amplify the rate of change, initially based on a technically oriented, top-down vision of innovation. But consideration of factors in the socioeconomic environment has led to a rethinking of the position of African farmers, whatever their level of production, on the premise that careful assessment should permit a new approach to extension services and lead to innovations that are not just technical in nature but also economic and organizational, and that are appropriate to the constraints at hand.

Mots-clés : développement agricole; modernisation; développement rural; innovation; environnement socioéconomique; agriculture; changement technologique; exploitation agricole familiale; adoption de l'innovation; afrique au sud du sahara; afrique francophone

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