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Objectiver la perception des invasions biologiques

Tassin J., Thiébaut G., Dutartre A.. 2011. Revue d'Ecologie, 66 (2) : p. 195-198.

Toward an objective perception of biological invasions. - This short note is a summary of a session addressing the "ecological and socio-economical consequences of species introduction" which was run within the French Symposium "Ecologie 2010" (Montpellier, 2-4 September 2010). Scientists attending this session of the symposium recognized the necessity of more objective, more detailed and contextualized analyses of biological invasions. There is need for disentangling the effects from causal processes (e.g. disturbance, pollution) which can drive an invasion. We also have to consider that invasive species may have positive or negative effects, or even both, regardless of our immediate perception of them. The debate addressed the moral values attached to biological invasions and which have to be considered in an ecological as well as a societal perspective. More attention from human sciences is expected in this way. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : système de valeurs; espèce envahissante

Thématique : Ecologie végétale; Ecologie animale

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