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Land suitability analysis for peri-urban agriculture

Rajesh Bahadur Thapa, Borne F., Murayama Y.. 2011. In : Murayama Yuji (ed.), Thapa Rajesh Bahadur (ed.). Spatial analysis and modeling in geographical transformation process : GIS-based applications. Dordrecht : Springer [Pays-Bas], p. 193-214. (The GeoJournal Library, 100).

DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-0671-2_12

This chapter presents an integrated technique of AHP and GIS to evaluate the land for peri-urban agriculture. Hanoi province, Vietnam was selected for the case study. Transformation of conventional agriculture to modern cash crops is the current trend in peri-urban Hanoi. A field survey with focused group discussions was conducted. Based on field survey data analysis, soil, land use, water resources, road network and market were chosen as major factors affecting the peri-urban agriculture. A map of each factor with different logical criteria was prepared. The Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) method was applied to identify the priority weight of each factor. Five spatial layers with their corresponding weights were linearly combined to prepare the suitability map. The map was further scaled as High suitable, Medium suitable, Low suitable and Unsuitable land for the peri-urban agriculture. This empirical scenario provides a cost effective and rapid land evaluation framework which may help policy makers, urban and regional planners and researchers working in developing countries. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : cartographie; utilisation des terres; ressource en eau; ressource en sol; transport routier; système d'information géographique; agriculture périurbaine; viet nam

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