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The challenge of participatory natural resource management with mobile herders at the scale of a Sub-Saharan African protected area

Binot A., Hanon L., Joiris D.V., Dulieu D.. 2010. In : Torquebiau Emmanuel (ed.), Taylor Russell (ed.). Natural resource management and local development. Heidelberg : Springer [Allemagne], p. 109-126. (Topics in biodiversity and conservation, 12).

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the management of rangelands used by mobile populations, such as transhumant herders, must include large scale, sometimes cross-border, components. This mobility, common and significant in transhumant livestock production systems is, in most cases, not taken into account in conservation and natural resources management strategies around protected areas. Most conservation projects which include a development goal are designed to provide support to sedentary subsistence agricultural populations. Securing ''pastoral lands'' is seldom included as part of protected areas land management approaches. This paper focuses on the difficulty of integrating pastoral, agricultural and conservation issues into a regional land management plan. Based on a case study in Chad (Zakouma National Park), we pay particular attention to local mechanisms of land tenure negotiation, the mobile actors and the complex political landscape that this creates.

Mots-clés : gestion des ressources naturelles; développement agricole; développement régional; zone protegée; gestion foncière; utilisation des terres; accès à la terre; Élevage; transhumance; terre de pâturage; pastoralisme; système agropastoral; conservation des ressources; faune et flore sauvages; approches participatives; afrique au sud du sahara; tchad; relation agriculture-élevage

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