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Inorganic mass balance and distribution in the products of biomass fast pyrolysis

Jendoubi N., Broust F., Commandre J.M., Mauviel G., Sardin M., Lèdè J.. 2009. In : De Santi G.F. (ed.), Dallemand J.F. (ed.), Ossenbrink H. (ed.), Grassi A. (ed.), Helm P. (ed.). 17th European Biomass Conference : from research to industry and markets. Proceedings of the International Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 29 June - 3 July 2009. Florence : ETA-Renewable Energies, p. 1166-1168. European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 17, 2009-06-29/2009-07-03, Hambourg (Allemagne).

Fast pyrolysis is a promising process for the preparation of bio-oil dedicated to energy valorization. The effects of inorganic species (K, Na, Ca, and Mg) on bio-oil stability are known, such as deposits, fouling or slagging issues. This study focuses on determination of the repartition of inorganic species in all pyrolysis products. Then we established an inorganic balance on liquid products in order to characterize the mass transfer of inorganic species from the insoluble residue to the bio-oil. Our data suggest that Na behavior is typically different from Ca, K and Mg.

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