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Char quality and tar formation interdependence: First experiments in a new two-stage gasifier

Fassinou W.F., Van de Steene L., Martin E., Broust F., Teglbjaerg J.S., Hoang-Luong Pham. 2005. In : 14th European Biomass Conference: Biomass for energy, industry and climate protection, 17-21 octobre 2005, Paris, France. Florence : ETA-Renewable Energies, p. 620-623. European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. 14, 2005-10-17/2005-10-21, Paris (France).

For small scale gasification for CHP purposes, it is of great importance that tar content in the gas remains below 10-50 mg/Nm3. Such low tar concentrations have been reported with staged gasification processes operated for long periods by TK Energi A/S (TKE) and the Danish Technical University (DTU). But for production of syngas, tar concentration must be 1-2 orders of magnitude lower. Such a two-stage gasifier (75 kWth) has been recently installed at CIRAD facilities. The present paper deals with the description of this new equipment and the first pyrolysis tests results obtained. The general objectives of the work are to investigate the influence of the char quality on the gas quality (tar content) and to support the design of two-stage gasifiers and char beds for thermal gas cleaning.

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