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Litchi : close-up

Gerbaud P., Didier C., Fournier P., Dawson C., Imbert E.. 2011. Fruitrop (English ed.) (188) : p. 15-38.

The profile of the 2010-11 litchi sales season confirms the trends observed in previous years. The development of sales from November to February with produce from countries in the Indian Ocean remains the high point of the year as practically all European imports are centred on this period. Other sources ship much smaller quantities that often decrease from one year to the next. Thus Thailand and Israel are less present in Europe. Mexico and China recently gained footholds in Europe but shipments are stagnating or increasing very slowly, with produce delivered during the summer, a season that is less favorable for litchi consumption. The major event in the recent season was doubtless the problem of the sulphur treatment of litchis from Madagascar as this could call into question the evolution of trade in this festive fruit.
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