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Inorganics distribution in bio oils and char produced by biomass fast pyrolysis: The key role of aerosols

Jendoubi N., Broust F., Commandre J.M., Mauviel G., Sardin M., Lèdè J.. 2011. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 92 (1) : p. 59-67.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jaap.2011.04.007

Fast pyrolysis of biomass is a promising process for the preparation of bio-oil dedicated to energy production. Inorganic species originally present in biomass are known to induce problems such as bio-oil instability or deposits and fouling. However the mechanisms of inorganic species release during biomass pyrolysis into the raw bio-oils still remain unclear. The present work focuses on the determination of inorganic distribution in the products from wheat straw and beech wood fast pyrolysis performed in a fluidized bed. More specifically, the bio-oils are fractionated by using a series of condensers. The results show that more than 60 wt.% of the inorganic content of the overall bio-oil is contained in the aerosols. Several possible interpretations for this observation are discussed. It is likely that the inorganics are transported within the aerosols droplets and solid particles which are recovered in the bio-oils, either by mechano-chemical processes, or by entrainment of submicron intermediate liquid compound formed in the first steps of biomass fast pyrolysis.

Mots-clés : aérosol; biomasse; pyrolyse; sciure; paille de blé; biocarburant; bioénergie; france

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