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Health, safety, environment issues related to biomass thermochemical conversion processes

Broust F., Bülher R., Volle G., Girard P.. 2009. In : Bridgwater A.V. (ed.), Hofbauer H. (ed.), van Loo S. (ed.). Thermal biomass conversion. Newbury : CPL Press, p. 395-410.

The present paper gives an ovClView ofthe main outcomes ofthe non.technical task WP3D ofThermalNet, dealing with Environment, health and safety (EHS). The scope is to contrihute"to a better understanding and rapid consideration at the inception ofprojects about EHS issues, which will permit more suceessful and more rapid implementation ofbiomass technology. In addition to a stat'l of the ait review, realised and updated on a continuous basis, the results of specifie actions which have been undertillcen, are presented. The environment and emissions regulations within ail 25 EU member states have been collected and reviewed; a general framework ofa risk assessment mej:hodology has been elaborated with a plant case study for HSE issues assessment in gasifieation; pyrolysis bio-oils biodegradabitity has been assessed.

Mots-clés : biomasse; combustion; gazéification; pyrolyse; pays de l'union européenne

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