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Stabilization policies and the WTO

Voituriez T., Rolland J.P., Alpha A.. 2011. In : Gérard Françoise, Alpha Arlène, Beaujeu Raphaël, Levard L., Maître d'Hôtel Elodie, Rouillé d'Orfeuil Henri, Bricas Nicolas, Daviron Benoit, Galtier Franck, Boussard Jean-Marc. Managing food price volatility for food security and development. Paris : GREMA, p. 121-125.

This paper tackles the question of the compatibility of public market stabilization instruments with the WTO rules applied to developing countries. We shall first examine the three pillars of the 1994 Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) (border protection, export regulation, and domestic support measures), then we shall examine whether Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) and the current negotiations make it possible to take into account international price volatility better than the AoA.

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