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A simple method to account for topography in the radiometric correction of radar imagery

Leclerc G., Beaulieu N., Bonn F.. 2001. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 22 (17) : p. 3553-3570.

DOI: 10.1080/01431160010007060

This article presents a method to study and correct radiometric distortions caused by topography in SAR images. The method is easy to implement and requires neither sophisticated software nor code-level programming. It also considers the case of a flat surface having an elevation different from the one for which calibration parameters were derived. An ortho-image of the slant range distance is used with a Digital Elevation Model to generate images of the local incident angle along the range and azimuth directions. The method compensates for variations in the terrain area of each pixel and for the angular dependence of backscatter, allowing the choice of either an empirical or semi-empirical scattering model. The method is applied to high-resolution C-SAR subsets of an agricultural area in the Central Cordillera of Costa Rica. The removal of topographic features appears excellent for local incident angles up to 80, but small-scale structures have pronounced effects on the radar return for higher local incident angles and are not adequately corrected.

Mots-clés : imagerie; topographie; radar à synthèse d'ouverture; sol agricole; télédétection; costa rica

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