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Effective dissociation cross section for the low-energy (0.5-31 eV) electron impact on solid hexane thin films

Leclerc G., Cui Z., Sanche L.. 1987. Journal of Physical Chemistry, 91 (26) : p. 6461-6463.

We describe a low-energy electron impact experiment, performed on thin n-hexane films held at 80 K, that was designed for the measurement of the effective dissociation cross section in the energy range 0.5-31 eV. The onset of dissociation was found at =~3,6 eV incident electron energy, implicating the excitation of a low-lying triplet state. High dissociation rates at electron energies close to the ionization threshold were correlated to dissociative excited singlet and superexcited states.

Mots-clés : mesure; radiation; film

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