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Angle-resolved electron stimulated desorption of metastable atoms from solid argon

Leclerc G., Bass A.D., Michaud M., Sanche L.. 1990. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 52 (C) : p. 725-734.

We have investigated the electron stimulated desorption of neutral metastable atoms from solid Argon condensed on a Pt (111) surface at 14 K. With time of flight techniques, we have observed the emission of photons and the ejection of two groups of metastable atoms, of very low kinetic energy (< 300 meV) and narrow angular distribution (15° width at half -maximum) along the surface normal. The photon signal is interpreted as resulting from the radiative de-excitation of the low-lying excimer states within the film and at the surface. Metastables originate mainly in the conversion of n=1 bulk free excitons to dissociative metastable states at the surface.

Mots-clés : désorption; adsorbant; propriété physicochimique; film

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